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The IoT opens doors to data analysis, machine-to-machine communication and innovative business models. Development is beginning to be felt in every area of industry and promises to become the driving force behind growth and productivity over the next few years. The figures speak for themselves: currently, 5.5 billion ‘things’ are connected to each other every day and by 2020 that figure will have risen to 50 billion. How can you keep pace with a rate of development like that?

MindSphere World: keeping up with the pace of the IoT

Thanks to MindSphere, the open, cloud-based IoT operating system from Siemens, companies of any size – from startups to multinationals – will be able to harness the power of these rapid changes. We created MindSphere World in order to build a global network around the system.

MindSphere World is a global ecosystem which gives businesses worldwide the opportunity to unlock the potential of the IoT in order to provide a basis for developing innovative business models. Joining forces will enable the members to keep pace with the rapidly changing digital world – an absolute must when it comes to remaining competitive.

MindSphere World Belgium is an initiative that brings together Belgian companies of all sizes – from different sectors and with different areas of expertise – and the academic world, enabling them to discover the potential of the IoT and share experiences with each other, all within MindSphere World.

MindSphere World Belgium: the members


Want to find out more about MindSphere World Belgium and the IoT community? Kick-off event on 6 February 2019

On 6 February 2019, we will be holding the official launch of MindSphere World Belgium during the Indumation.be event. We would be pleased to present our IoT community to you and to exchange knowledge with other industrial and IT companies.

Following this event, you can also attend the fifth «Factory of the Future» AWARD. So you will have the opportunity to share knowledge and experience with many of Belgium’s most exciting manufacturing companies. Don't miss this opportunity and register now.