Using MindSphere services Innovation Unplugged provides integration and development services in the 3 layers of the solution stack, the Edge, the cloud platform and the end user application.

While in the  Edge we architect and develop for data acquisition from unsupported devices, we program functionality and actionability in both the Edge and the MindSphere cloud platform. This includes integration with IT and OT applications, external analytical services as well as with public cloud sources, like weather information, traffic information services, etc.

We develop the most efficient and best user experience, for traditional HMI devices as well as for augmented and virtual reality or industrial goggle type devices.

Together with our sister business units within the more than 5,000 staff members counting Cronos Group we address any Industry 4.0 case, end to end, from OT through advanced analytics to IT.

We have created a number of example use case demonstrations, like

  • Augmented Reality based field service support
  • Bilateral communication with heterogeneously branded OT equipment
  • OT equipment triggered automated service ticketing

Why we became a member of MindSphere World Belgium:

We have been watching the Industrial IoT platform market for quite a while already. We saw strong evidence that Siemens commits heavily to making MindSphere one of the platforms of choice. Investment in development, alliances and acquisitions result in fast growth of additional base functionality and optional services. This, along with Siemens its presence and expertise in automation and with MindSphere being, next to a SaaS platform, also a PaaS platform that allows developers like Innovation Unplugged to develop for additional functionality and services integration results in being part of the MindSphere World community just making sense.

Innovation Unplugged

Veldkant, 33A
2550 Kontich
+32 475 26 82 09