KUKA AG is an internationally active company with sales of around 3.5 billion euro. Every day, roughly 14,200 KUKA employees at our headquarters in Augsburg and around the world work to ensure that we remain one of the world’s leading suppliers of intelligent automation solutions. Our international customers come from, among other sectors, the automotive industry and general industry. KUKA offers you everything from a single source: from the individual components to fully automated systems.

Why we became a member of MindSphere World Belgium:

Robots are becoming more and more a commodity, everybody can experience this nowadays.  Thus to excellent it is important to focus on two things: maximum performance and a reduction of the TCO, the Total Cost of Ownership.  Maximum performance is highly affected by the design and quality of the machine but for sure longer uptimes and smart maintenance are a benefit to efficient production.  Smart maintenance does not only mean less but well planned and efficient maintenance.  Especially IoT and Connectivity with its monitoring, analyzing and predicting capacity is a means to increase the efficiency and availability of the customer’s assets and this where MindSphere excels. So for KUKA its’s only logical to join with MindSphere.


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