MindSphere World Belgium celebrates its first anniversary

Huizingen, 02/03/2020 — MindSphere World Belgium, the Belgian branch of the international initiative focusing on the Internet of Things (IoT) platform MindSphere, is celebrating its first anniversary. At the start of 2020 the Netherlands and Luxembourg were added to the network, as a result of which MindSphere World Belgium is changing its name to MindSphere World BeNeLux.

This means the twelve Belgian businesses that form part of MindSphere World Belgium can now share even more experience and expertise and thus exploit the potential of the IoT to the full.

Start with the customer – find out what they want and give it to them.

Happy 1st anniversary. MindSphere World Belgium!

MindSphere World Belgium is celebrating its first birthday and will continue to commit itself to being a catalyst for the use of the IoT in the digital economy of the future. It is a global user organization of businesses that research and control the IoT, the cloud-based IoT operating system MindSphere, Industrial Edge and all other relevant future topics and trends. Globally it comprises more than 120 associated businesses from diverse sectors. MindSphere World is the umbrella organization for five regional branches, each of which is responsible for a specific region.


The Belgian branch, MindSphere World Belgium, is celebrating its first birthday with a significant expansion. The Netherlands and Luxembourg are joining the branch, meaning that from now on the name will be MindSphere World Benelux. Businesses in the Netherlands and Luxembourg that work with MindSphere can therefore easily get in touch with Belgian IoT users such as Actemium, ATS Groep, Engie Fabricom, Festo, Innovation Unplugged, Rittal, SICK, Siemens, Thomas More, Yazzoom and brand-new members of the network Vandecapelle and Avercon.

New chairman

Thierry Van Eeckhout, currently Vice President Sales Digital Industries at Siemens Belgium-Luxembourg, has just been appointed as the new chairman of MindSphere World BeNeLux. He is delighted by this expansion and is looking ambitiously towards the future: “We want to expand our scope, and to bring customers and applications from other fields into our community. Tomorrow’s ecosystems will lead to the disappearance of today’s boundaries. The new ideas are not comparable with the old way of thinking. The most important thing is that we cooperate, regardless of whether the data comes from a machine, an airco system or from the product itself. The involvement of commercial elements is at least as important as the technological approach when it comes to developing new business models such as pay-per-use”.


The MindSphere World initiative will keep on growing and will link new markets, businesses, customers and applications in its network. It is committed to lateral thinking and new cooperation programs. Hence other industries are being looked at, such as energy, building technology and infrastructure, in order to take the next steps.

The MindSphere World BeNeLux members will therefore be attending the Indumation Network Event on 5 March in Leuven, the biennial event focusing on industry 4.0 and automation genuine for the one, it’s genuine for the rest.